Dementia Scheme Officer

Location: Myos House

Contract Type: Permanent

Closing Date: 12 May 2021

Salary: £21,974

Specific Hours: 37

Dementia Scheme Officer

Overall Purpose of Job 

  • To oversee the scheme management of Myos House (Dementia Extra Care scheme) including fire safety, general health and safety and environmental issues.
  • Facilitate and promote a range of activities suitable for those with a dementia diagnosis to encourage independence and wellbeing.
  • Provide an intensive housing management service to residents living at Myos House in to enable them to live independently and sustain tenancies.

Main Responsibilities 

  1. Carry out regular scheme inspections to ensure that communal areas comply with health and safety requirements, that associated furnishings/ equipment are well maintained and communal areas are always in a tidy condition - taking appropriate action where required. 
  2. To carry out and co-ordinate health and safety and environmental management and monitoring including Legionella and fire safety.
  3. Carry out viewings to interested applicants who may be interested in moving to Myos House and represent Ongo Homes on the Allocations Panel.
  4. Monitor and manage cleaning and repairs for communal areas, liaising with customers, contractors and colleagues to ensure that repairs and improvements are carried out effectively and efficiently.
  5. To provide housing related support to tenants living at Myos House including the preparation and monitoring of support plans as appropriate.
  6. To facilitate a broad range of health and well-being activities, carrying out risk assessments when required and where possible recruiting volunteers to assist or facilitate activities and events.
  7. Deal with tenancy and scheme management issues that form part of Ongo’s tenancy management service including starter tenancy visits and property inspections. Visit all new tenants to provide a welcome and introduction to the scheme.
  8. To deal with all aspects of nuisance, neighbour disputes and anti social behaviour and ensure that the conditions of tenancy are adhered to. Liaise with Tenancy Enforcement Team when legal action is required.
  9. Develop and maintain consultation and participation with tenants, including representing Ongo Homes at formal and informal resident meetings or as part of scheme or service improvements work.
  10. Develop and maintain manual and computerised records and provide monthly statistics on scheme issues.

 Creativity & Innovation

  • To assess working procedures and to make recommendations for service improvement & efficiency gains.
  • Ensure the use of ICT apps such as My Home and other forms of social media to support and engage with tenants.
  • Solve problems within legislative and policy guidelines.
  • Problem solve under pressure and have the confidence to be able to justify decisions made.
  • Ability to communicate difficult decisions in a caring and constructive way.

Contacts & Relationships


  • Close liaison with tenants to ensure that they are supported to keep to the terms of their tenancy agreements and achieve their set objectives. This can sometimes (20%) be contact that is complex or contentious in nature
  • Colleagues within own and other teams at Ongo to ensure consistent and responsive service delivery
  • Tenants families and representatives to ensure correct level of support and answer all scheme related queries.  This could occasionally (10%) be contact that is complex or contentious in nature
  • External Contractors to answer any H&S queries
  • External companies to arrange provision of utilities and services to customers and schemes.
  • The team providing the care at Myos House, including the Registered Manager, Senior Carer to ensure multi-agency working
  • Liason with Managers and other service areas within Ongo Homes for peer support, advice and guidance.
  • Adult Services Teams to ensure that care assessments are completed in a timely manner.
  • Local health services such as GP’s, District Nurses and East Midlands Ambulance Service to ensure that all health requirements are in place.
  • External stakeholders, including representatives from other voluntary and statutory organisations, neighbours and enforcing authorities to establish legal compliance.

Decision Making - Discretion

  • Decides on the appropriate level of support to be provided to individual cases.
  • Be involved in the Allocations Panel, deciding who is the most appropriate person to move into Myos House at that given time.
  • Make timely and effective decisions which ensure an effective support service is delivered. This will involve balancing conflicting priorities and changing demands, and making decisions which affect tenancy management issues and the lives of individual tenants.
  • The post holder is involved in the decision making on tenancy management matters.

Decision Making - Consequences

The post holder’s decisions would affect the following:-

  • Customer satisfaction - potential poor customer satisfaction for tenancy management, support and anti social behaviour services and influence customer satisfaction results.
  • Health and Safety and risk to others – risk that a person could be injured and potential compensation claim.
  • Ability to achieve key performance indicators – decisions on time management and prioritisation would influence achieving KPI’s which in turn could affect any of the above points.
  • Decisions made by the post holder will directly affect the customers, complainants and perpetrators of tenancy breach cases and other statutory or voluntary organisations.
  • The postholder will be working to Ongo policies and procedures and the implications of their decisions will impact on various internal teams of the Ongo Group.

 Responsibility for Resources

  • PPE equipment
  • Laptop + charger and screen/keyboard/mouse
  • Ipad + charger
  • Lone working device + charger
  • ID card (with office entry permissions)
  • Headphones
  • Mobile phone + charger

Work Demands

  • Ability to work flexibly and occasionally outside normal working hours.
  • Able to meet organisational deadlines with conflicting priorities due to changing circumstances.
  • Ability to balance the demands of supporting individual tenants with meeting the business aims of Ongo Homes

Physical Demands

  • Must be able to visit properties including accessing flats and climbing stairs

Working Conditions

  • The post holder will work at Myos House with the occasion need to visit Ongo House for meetings and training.
  • Post holder may be required to work outside of normal office hours to deliver support and make contact with hard to reach tenants.
  • To adhere to GDPR guidelines in regard to the collection, use and retention of tenants personal data.
  • May need to visit some properties either occupied, or empty, in poor condition.
  • To follow safe working practice guidelines for lone working.

Work Context

  • Will occasionally have to deal with difficult customers in challenging situations. This will include dealing with abuse and aggression in homes, meetings or in the scheme.
  • Working with people who are vulnerable due to severe mental health issues / a history of aggressive behaviour to ensure that the tenancy conditions are adhered to.


Knowledge, Skill & Experience Required 

  • Experience of working with people with a dementia diagnosis
  • Experience of working with vulnerable people in a positive way to deliver tenancy support and advice.
  • A good understanding of health and safety.
  • Property maintenance, management or housing management experience
  • Excellent communication skills (particularly oral, but also written)
  • The ability to empathise and communicate with vulnerable people to deliver positive outcomes particularly to older people.Ability to negotiate, influence and act as an advocate with a wide range of people in a wide range of situations
  • Good organisational skills and ability to work to deadlines both as part of a team and working alone.
  • Ability to demonstrate customer focus and commitment to diversity in all aspects of work.
  • The ability to develop and utilise effective ICT systems relevant to Social Housing including the use of social media and encouraging tenants to use the My Home app.
  • To have good administrative skills and to demonstrate computer literacy.
  • Ability to update and maintain systems and records with a high level of accuracy.
  • Ability to work under pressure and make complex decisions at high levels that will have consequences to the customer and the company.
  • Operate with a customer-focused approach to work at all times.
  • The post holder will undergo an annual DBS enhanced check.

Health & Safety

  • To be aware of risks to personal safety, other employees, customers, company property and company reputation and to highlight such risks to managers immediately.
  • Post holder will be expected to deal with tenants and their families on the phone and face to face which will include those occasionally displaying aggressive behaviours.
  • To work within the company’s H&S policies ,procedures and risk assessments at all times.

Equality & Diversity

  • To uphold the Company’s Equal Opportunities, Diversity and Health and Safety Policy in all aspects of the work.
  • To promote equality & diversity amongst our stakeholders, residents, customers, clients, staff, board and committee members and all those we work with.
  • To ensure all customers’ needs are understood and all services that are provided meet individual needs, including in relation to the protected characteristics and customers with additional support needs.
  • To treat everyone with dignity and respect at all times.

Risk Management

General appointment - To be able to identify risks that may affect the achievement of personal and service objectives. To support the organisation's risk management process through good communication and carrying out actions to reduce identified risks.

Manager - To have an understanding of the organisations risk management process. To be able to identify, analyse and evaluate risks that may affect the achievement of service and organisational objectives. To manage and respond to risks appropriately.

Environment and Sustainability

  • To ensure the environment and sustainability policies are understood by the post holder
  • To promote the importance of considering the environment and sustainability in the role
  • To treat the environment with respect and commit to ensuring all services/activities that are provided in this role have taken the impact on the environment into consideration/action plans

Position in Organisation

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